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Drum Lesson Rates


Standard Casual Drum Lesson                                 

1 hour





Drum Lesson Passes                 

10 lesson pass  


Inspired by his Father who is a jazz/international music legend, Dimitri started banging on stuff from an early age and didn't really take up drums til his late teens. At that point he was given drum lessons by his father who was a great drum teacher. Dimitri has been playing drums for over 20 years and is keen to share his knowledge mainly with beginners to take them through the important steps of becoming a rock solid drummer!

Dimitri has been influenced by Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Taylor Hawkins, Chad Smith and many others.

Dimitri plays a Pearl MLX Piano Black maple drum kit with Sabian Cymbals. Dimitri uses Pro-Mark drum sticks.

If you live in Sydney and want to learn how to play drums, Dimitri will teach you how to get it right from the moment you pick up a drum stick. He can also advise you on the best drum equipment available in the Sydney area.

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